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There is nothing worse than losing your personal files. What about those irreplaceable lost pictures, or that music collection you spent years building. And what about loosing business files… Too many people just don’t back up  their information. This is a big bet on chances to keep your data. The question is not “if” but “when” your hard drive, flash drive, memory stick or external drive will die without notice. When it happens, it really hurts, but there are chances to recover  your data. If you do regular backups, it will be easy to recover lost files and documents, and the damage will be minimal. If not… We may be able to recover lost files and documents, depending on the damage.hard drive repair

If you can hear your hard drive clicking badly, or not appearing in your system, or even crashing your computer, refusing any startup mode or attempt of reinstallation… This is it! your hard drive has a major failure and all your data from A to Z is trapped in it, maybe destroyed.

We are specialised in Data Recovery and we can help you. This repair involves a vey high level of workmanship, and an expensive hardware installation in our premises. Very basically, mechanical parts in a hard drive may fail and make your data unreadable. HDD’s have a logic board attached as well. these parts can be replaced if they are available. Normally, hard drives are not made to be open without taking extreme precautions against dust and any organic fluid. It’s then a very delicate job to extract and replace the faulty parts.

The price: It is important to mention here that data recovery may start at a reasonable price for a simple failure, but may also lead to insane costs, in case of critical issue. At this point, you have to decide if the data worth the repair. Businesses are more likely to go for it than home users, but all depend how you valuate your data. If you decide to go for it, then it’s our challenge to succeed in your Data Recovery.

Only professional help: At this stage, there is definitely  No “friend who knows about computers” whatsoever and whoever it is, and you would make sure to stay away from any shop that wouldn’t hold official Data Recovery certifications, specific hardware and software tools, clean room facilities in controlled dust free evironments to open your hard drive safely. Be aware that when a hard drive is opened, even a microscopic particle of dust on the heads or platters may destroy your data forever. When it’s gone, it’s gone. data-recovery-experts

Please take a look at this informative video about swapping heads with a working hard drive, in order to be able to read the data from a head failure problem.

We have a very high success rate. If you come across a data loss issue, we stongly recommend you contact us first to evaluate the damage and find the best solution to recover all your lost data.

How to proceed?

  1. Contact us on 020 8882 7293
  2. let’s arrange a free collection of your  hard drive at your convenience. (we will extract it from your computer on site)
  3. We will get back to you same or next day with a firm quote for your Data Recovery.
  4. Upon your approval, we will finalise the recovery and deliver it back to you at your convenience.


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